Monday, November 30, 2009

RE: Smart, Cool, Funny, Stylish, Sophisticated NYer 4 You!!!!!

Smart, Cool, Funny, Stylish, Sophisticated NYer 4 You !!!!! - 31 (NOT SEOUL --BUSAN )

Date: 2009-11-30, 7:46PM KT

I just turned 31, and I have gotten a lot of replies to my last ad. I feel like it is a really possible that someone good could come from this website. All of the replies I've gotten are from women not in Busan. So that's the only catch. Let me make it crystal clear that I will not travel outside Busan and I'm really not interested in traveling far within Busan too. SO if YOU want to travel to me, I'm cool with that, but not for some one day a week type of thing, that's not a real relationship.

In America, craigslist is for psychos but maybe in Korea......maybe there's a chance at quality love here.

A personal ad is no place for modesty, so don't expect to find any of that below:

I came to Korea for Love & Money. I have the money, and a great apartment with panoramic views of the ideal I just need a great quality lover. I am a professional chef, I can cook Mexican, Indian, Thai, Italian, American, Korean, Chinese...really anything...and better than a restaurant. So each night I eat amazing food, alone. I keep my house clean.

I expect a professional, intelligent, MATURE, funny, beautiful, thin, stylish, sexy, cool young woman. This is what I deserve and this is what I demand. Someone like me, knows themselves very well. I know exactly what I like and what I need. I know exactly how to love and how to be generous and supportive and romantic. I make a great lover. I won't settle for mediocrity and I won't settle for bad company. Life is too short. No company is always better than bad company or even enduring the mundane.

I was a professional artist for quite a few years in NY. I lived in NY my whole life and in Korea for about a year and a half now.

I'm a Scorpio, with Scorpio rising as well....... I'm deep......sensual.....passionate..... and also funny.

I'm ready, if you dare.

Colin Heintze

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Hey there, I’m a Boston girl, and I want to say YANKEES SUCK!

Really, you’re from New York? New York is whacked. I got an uncle from New York and he’s mad queer, was always touchin on my younga brother, askin us if we wanted to go get frappes an tonics down in Scollay Square. Wicked stupid, right? You remind me of him. I bet you’re queer for Jeter.

All I hear is blah blah blah “fine cooking” blah blah blah “art”. If you want real cooking get your New York ass down to Eastie an’ get yourself some scrod. You want real art, you should watch the fuckin Sox, or the Patsies, or the Seltz. All our teams fuckin rule your retarded New York teams. I know the Yankees got lucky this year, but next year Ortiz is gonna have a healthy knee and he’ll go yard all over you New York queers.


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