Monday, December 21, 2009

So This is the Post That Got Me Banned From Craigslist in Korea...

Come to Me Prince of the High Heavens! - 26 (Here)

Date: 2009-12-22, 1:47PM KT

So, I’ve been up for three days and now find myself typing this message, not wholly of my own volition. I suppose I’m lonely and could use somebody to be with me… after all, that’s why I started this whole thing, so I could finally meet a man. It wasn’t even the money. The money is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I really just wanted to get noticed, to be looked at with the same kind of lust I saw guys looking at the pretty girls in bars with.

I have a lot of free times on my hands since I don’t work. Okay, I DO work, but not what you would call a traditional job. I’m a test subject for Pfizer. I make about five-hundred dollars a week taking their new, experimental diet drug Dioxymorphil. Dioximorphil. It’s funny when you say it out loud. Dio. Spanish for God. Morph. Means change. Change. Have I changed into a god, or is this just one of those coincidences? I’ve been noticing a lot of coincidences lately.

“Looking for women, age eighteen to thirty-two, twenty to forty lbs overweight, for clinical test study”. That’s what the ad said. 500 bucks a month, nothing to sneeze at. I don’t sneeze anymore, by the way. I’ve just noticed that. My sneezes have gone the way of my ability to feel cold or have my period. I am no longer in possession of such human frailties. I’m becoming…something more.

The weight has just melted off since I’ve started the Dioxymorphil. I’m thin now, but strong. Just yesterday I slipped on a patch of ice and caught myself on an iron railing. When I looked I saw my hand had crushed the railing. And it isn’t just my body, either. If I stare, long and intensely, at anything it will, in time, smolder and burst into flames.

I see now that I am Tiamat.

I need a man to be my Apsu. All the world is my womb, and my oceans but amniotic seas. I am the womb of monsters, which shall crawl from all my dark places and abyssal seas to dart and gambol upon my body, to suckle upon the teats of nature from which flows my everlasting life. I need my Apsu. I need to open my earth-womb to you of the sky, and from that congress there shall be born Marduk, child of both earth and sky, champion, usurper, destined to wage battle upon me and slay my children and break my body into the firmament beneath your feet and foam lapping upon your mortal shores. It is a sacrifice I am willing to endure, for it is my destiny to be made into this new world, to have my flesh rendered clay to sculpt a new age of sky, sea, and earth.

Damn. Lost another tooth. Need more Dioxymorphil. Why won’t Pfizer call back? Is it because of the fire? It wasn’t my fault. That man shouldn’t have talked to me that way, shouldn’t have been so rude… ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddde. That’s no way to treat one’s mother.

Come to me, my sky-clad all-father! My womb awaits your princely seed and the son who shall overthrow us! Help me set the cosmic order straight! Dioxymorphil!

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