Sunday, May 2, 2010

RE: Hi, 25 Seoul girl, seeking whitemales

Hi, 25 Seoul girl, seeking whitemales - 25 (Seoul)

Date: 2010-05-02, 5:00PM KST

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I am interested in meeting white males for language exchange
I am 5f 7 inches tall cute asian girl if you ask mee,
and i love watching movies and love singing and reading books
I would like to get married to a white guy and want to learn my favorite at the Us universities,

If i get married to a citizen, then i heard that they cut down on the tuition,
I hope i get married and study at a low expense in the US.
but canadians ok too, americans are ok,, both are ok

Location: Seoul
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Colin Heintze to pers-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

You are in luck, young lady, for it seems we both have things the other needs. US Citizenship? College tuition? All of it and more will be taken care of, and marriage won't even be necessary. In fact, we prefer you stay unmarried in order to better preserve your, and our, anonymity.

Let me explain, as your excitement over this offer is undoubtedly matched by your confusion.

My name is Dr. Zeta. Just Dr. Zeta, for now - more will be revealed to you as the program progresses. I am currently the head researcher at Project Griffin, a joint Anglo-American scientific think-tank dedicated to resolving some of the most thorny issues in today's international political climate. Our diverse contributors include such influential organizations as the American State Department, The Pentagon, and Downing Street, a fact I reveal only to make you aware of the kind of compensation you can expect to receive for your participation. Not only will you be granted citizenship and college tuition at the conclusion of the process, but will likely be able to retire using any of the numerous anonymous investment funds set up in your name.

So, why you? As I said before, you are a perfect candidate. You are not currently a U.S. citizen, and the kind of research we do has been, since the end of the Vietnam War, rendered unconstitutional by House Resolution 5155-7: concerning the use of US citizens for advanced bioweapon testing. You are healthy, young, ambitious, and, should luck be on our side, possess the correct genetic determinants and blood haplotypes to be considered ideal for this program. Moreover, your disappearance would be scarcely noticed and likely not investigated - though, should that happen, our donors would be more than capable of blocking any inquiries. You'd be amazed, young lady, just how high up this goes.

If you are interested, make haste to reply. Good subjects are hard to come by, and many of my colleagues are suggesting we just begin rounding up transients. Transients who, unfortunately, are usually found in a weakened state and seldom able to survive the process long enough to collect useful data.

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