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RE: Seeking Irreverent Daytime Mistress

Seeking Irreverent Daytime Mistress - 36 (Seoul)
Date: 2010-06-15, 10:09AM KST
I use the word irreverent in my title because it means 'critical of what is generally accepted or respected,' which perfectly suits the kind of person I am seeking.
I'm a 36 year old American working and living in Seoul.

I'm seeking an intelligent, sexy, and fit young woman to be my ongoing daytime mistress.

I imagine we would only be able to meet one another once or twice per week.

We would only be able to meet during the daytimes, (sometime between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm) spending time together talking and finding secret niches in Seoul where we can make love to one another.

In exchange for your confidentiality, erotic attention, and understanding, I would be able to help you with your expenses and upkeep.

If this sounds like a mutually beneficial arrangement, then please contact me and we will take our conversation from there.

Location: Seoul
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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RE: Seeking Irreverent Daytime Mistress
Colin Heintze to pers-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. show details 2:06 am (5 minutes ago)

Exactly what kind of kill-play are you looking for? I'm no softy, but I'm still relatively new at all this. My ex turned me on to it about four years ago. We were getting bored with the BDSM scene... though I probably don't need to tell you, of all people, that whips and hot wax can get pretty dull after a while. I guess you could say we were pretty jaded, that we were looking for that next big thrill, that we couldn't get off unless we were constantly crossing into darker, weirder territories, that we couldn't feel alive unless we were pushing the boundaries of extreme psychosexual experience.

My ex heard about kill-play from our mutual friend/fuck-slave Gary. One night, after a particularly gruesome session with cudgels and riding-crops, Gary managed to sputter out a story about some guy he met in the basement of the club, a real player. When Gary got out of the hospital he took us to the guy's shop and, let me tell you, there are sex shops and there are sex shops, like the ones the public sees and the ones in the back room that, like the special humidor in a cigar shop, cater to a more exclusive clientele. What we saw... we just knew we had to part of it, this silent and faceless community of extreme fetishist of the international kill-play underground.

We had to train first. Some role-playing, of course, followed by several viewings of the Faces of Death video series (have you seen those?... wait, of course you have. The stuff you've done probably makes that shit look like the playland at McDonald's). Anyways, we started slow. A few cats, taken off the street. A dog we kidnapped from the neighbors. To be honest I was worried about doing a human, but my ex just kept on pushing, kept on saying we need to go farther, needed to have the ultimate experience. It turned me on... it still does, which is I guess is why I'm contacting you.

Well, my ex isn't around anymore and I can't get the game out of my mind, can't stop feeling like I took a bite of a gourmet meal only to have the plate taken away before I could finish. Turns out that homeless guy we brought back to our house was an Afghanistan war veteran and, for all his talk, my ex just couldn't go through with it when the time came. Naturally, I begged him to. We had already gone past the point of no return, and there was no going back - it was either follow through and erase the evidence or go to prison. But, my ex hesitated, the bum managed to wriggle out of his restraints and pick up a potato peeler we were using and... well, the rest is history.

So, that's why I am responding to your ad. I nearly creamed my panties when I saw it. Honestly, I never thought you really existed. I thought you were just a legend in the kill-play underground - I never imagined you were real, and that I might one day be contacting you over the web. Is it true you once did a pair of socialites in their father's yacht? Shit, I've got a lot to learn... and I need you to teach me.

I am SO Sorry!

Colin Heintze to pers-XXXXXXXXXXXXX. show details 2:12 am (1 minute ago)

Oh my God, I've never been more embarassed in my life! As I was going through my sent mail folder I noticed your email address and realized I sent my message to the wrong person... guess I'm having another senior moment LOL! Please disregard my previous message, as it was not intended for you, but for the author of "Worthy Whore Wanted for KP". I have sent the message to the correct person and am keeping my fingers crossed for a response. Anyways, I hope you find your mistress. If this thing with the other guy doesn't work out, maybe you and me could hook up some time? I know plenty of secluded places we could make love, places NO ONE would think to look.

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