Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Looking For a Cool Chick

Looking for a Cool Chick - 27 (Seoul)
Date: 2010-08-03, 8:52PM KST
Wassup ladies? I don't know about this internet shit, but I guess its time to branch out since I haven't met any cool girls here at all. I mean, the girls here are hot and everything, and I've always had this preference for Asian chicks since my step-dad showed me this super fucked-up Japanese porno, but they walk around like they all got a bug in their asses or something.

I'm here on this totally sweet teaching gig. It's the easiest bucks I ever made since that summer I dealt weed a camp. I had this great system where my brother would sneak it into my mom's care packages from home if I promised to let him look at my Hustlers when I came back. God, he was such a fucking retard. Anyways, that was a good summer. I got one of the counselors stoned and she let me go under the shirt. She was like 20 and I was just 16, which was the first, but trust me not last, time I ever felt tit (I'm not counting when I had to pull my cousin out of the bathtub that time she overdosed. Her tits weren't even that good, maybe a 6 at best). Mostly, I just play the kids episodes of the Simpsons and try to keep them from sticking their fingers in the electrical sockets, most of the time pretty successfully I might add. I got plenty of money too, and I can't even find a way to spend it. I mean, there's like no weed here at all, which frees up like half my budget right there, and every time I go to bars there's always some old dude who wants to practice his English buying me drinks. At first I thought there was something a little fruity about that, but those dudes usually pass out after the fifth beer so I don't gotta worry about them getting all gay with me.

But it's hard finding cool chicks here, man. I mean, there's plenty of Korean girls who want a little American steel (I'm talking about my penis), but they all want to go out to dinner and chat on the internet and hold hands in public and shit. Slamming some chick was a lot easier back home, when we'd just hang in the berm behind the YMCA and huff wood varnish till one of us blacked out. I woke up with no money plenty of times, but I also slammed some of the hottest chicks in town too, so it was an equal trade. Hell, with my tolerance to varnish I'd say it was more like 70-30 in my favor. The only chick that could regularly keep up with me was Kira Watson, but that wasn't no loss since everyone knew she got crabs from Jesse Miller anyways.

So I might be kinda a playboy but I figure this is no one's maiden voyage, if you know what I mean (I mean sex). The one time I slammed a virgin she kept calling and showing up at my house and acting all clingy and shit, so I definitely don't want that. I had to promise to meet her out in farm country, then leave her ass there without a ride home to finally get the message across. Last I heard, she killed herself, so I guess I dodged a bullet by getting rid of some crazy chick sooner rather than later.

That said, if you're not crazy, not a virgin, and totally down to party, let's hook up.

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