Sunday, March 28, 2010

RE: Native/Hispanic Warrior wanted

BBW-Native/Hispanic Warrior wanted - 50 (Denver)

Are you the MAN, the WARRIOR I’ve been looking for? Are you a SINGLE - Native or Hispanic man, 48-58 yrs old ?

Tired of being alone and long to have a GOOD WOMAN by your side? Looking for someone to enjoy and share what life has to offer? Are you searching for a woman you can spend time with and perhaps be in that lasting beautiful relationship with? Are you honest, kind, gentle and past all the head/heart games, date only one woman at a time? Please be D/D free, a non-smoker and non-drinker, I am.

If you think you may be the MAN, the WARRIOR, I've been looking for, take a chance and respond, you just never know...

Reply with “I AM A WARRIOR” in the subject line and maybe a pic so I know you are real. This is not a porn site, NO SPAMMERS, BOTS OR REFERRALS TO WEB SITES.

Location: Denver
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Colin Heintze to pers-XXXXXXXXXXXX

Look no further, for I am he that you seek.

You desire a warrior, and let me assure you my many brave deeds on the field of battle have been recorded on both the codices of the huichilibos and the lips of my enemies. It is because of these deeds - the taking of ten enemy heads, and the capture of fifteen strong-bodied males for sacrifice - that in this year five-reed I have been welcomed into the ranks of the Jaguars, the royal cohorts of his most exalted son-of-the-sun and living god Axayacatl. My war-club has tasted the scalps of Tlaxicalans and Palenquens alike, and by my actions dozens have been marched to the altar to have their blood fed to Tlaltecuhtli. And, I say with no reserved pride that, because of these actions by myself and my brother-warriors her belly is filled to the point that she regurgitates the sun every morning. It is from this act of divine violence that the earth may be warmed and the maize grow to fill our larders and feed our people.

I must be honest, however - I do play head games. I was, before my induction into the Jaguars, a forward lineman in the sacred sport of ullamaliztli. As you undoubtedly know, we typically use the head of a captured enemy as our ball, and as a result I cannot say with truthfulness that I never scored a winning goal using the severed head of a Chimpoloazan warrior. Heart games, however, I rarely play - those are reserved only for the priestly classes of which I am not a member.

But, there is a time when even great slayers must put down the club and pick up the plough. For that, I need a woman - a strong-hipped, hearty woman, one who is clever and useful and will not weave vile sorceries. A woman who, upon my death, will throw herself into the sacrifice-fires to guide me down the four-year path to Mictlan. A woman who will bear me sons that sing of their ancestors as I do today. Are you her?

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