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RE: The Way I See It...

The way I see it... - 24 (Downtown Sorta)

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Date: 2009-02-08, 7:22PM MST

So Valentines Day...thats right this coming weekend...should be under new managment...
I think the tooth fairy should run this bitch!
I think you should be able to go to bed, put a pube under your pillow, (not neccasarily yours but why would you have someone else's pube on hand?) and when you wake up it will have been traded for an orgasm lol....everybody wins right?!
How aweosome would it be to wake up to an orgasm! lol
and if you are really good you can have your choice of one of the following extras (cigarette, rose, chocolate)
I think this is genius...personally....
however we all know this will never be the way it is, but a girl can dream right? ;)
Anyway, if you can offer something similar to this or better, let me know who you are looking for because maybe Im it!

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Colin Heintze to pers-1026743915

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