Sunday, February 22, 2009

Young Women Needed For Slumber Party

Young Women Needed For Slumber Party - 25 (Denver)
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Date: 2009-02-22, 8:15PM MST

Not sure I should be posting here, but the deadline is coming up and I need people fast.

So, here's the deal: two months ago, my enigmatic uncle died under mysterious circumstances. I never knew my uncle well - my father, for reasons unknown, always kept me away from him, and had instructed me since childhood to shun his company. So, I was surprised when three weeks ago I got a call from my late uncle's attorney informing me that I stood to inherit all of his vast wealth, provided myself and three women spent one night alone in his abandoned mansion in the swamp. This is where you come in - my uncle was very specific about what kind of women needed to accompany me. The will says I need:

-one innocent, doe-eyed girl of eighteen. Preferably a virgin with a arrogant, jocky boyfriend.

-one promiscuous young coed, prone to getting naked and making lewd sexual advances.

-one best friend of the doe-eyed virgin.

The other houseguests, a black man who will say "daaamn!", a socially awkward and horny nerd, and a crude party animal I have already gotten myself.

I would not be turning to craigslist if not for the fact that my uncle's will stipulated this sleep-over be held on the "eve of Baphomet, when the planets in the house of Aires are aligned" or something like that. Of course, for your trouble you will be compensated from the riches I stand to inherit. Overall, I predict an uneventful evening. After all, what could go wrong just from spending one night in a mansion built by members of the Golden Dawn over the site of an Indian massacre, inhabited these last forty years by my mentally ill, occult-obsessed uncle, on the one-hundredth anniversary of a notorious unsolved murder? We'll probably just play "seven minutes in heaven" and break out the old ouija board, so sorry if I can't offer you more excitement! Please get back to me soon, or my uncle's entire fortune will revert to the withered old groundskeeper who continually utters cryptic warnings, and we don't want that, not when I could use all that dough on drugs, rock music, and fast cars!

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