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RE: 1950's Traditional Marriage Roles

1950s Traditional Roles Marriage/Relationship - 23 (Colorad)
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Date: 2009-02-02, 3:20PM MST

...Where the man provides, and the woman takes care of the children, home, and him...Is anyone looking for this anymore? I'm not lazy and have and can work full time and then some...but this is something I NEED. Is anyone ready to settle down who wants this, needs this, too???

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Sounds Swell!
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Colin Heintze
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Sounds just like how I want things with my best girl! Let me tell you a little about myself. My name's Glenn and I just got a real swell job at General Electric and a one-story ranch house in Levittown with my GI pension. I've been looking for a neat gal since I'm almost 28 and all the promotions go to married men - any fella who's been a bachelor this long might as well be some kind of beatnik as far as General Electric is concerned. Things have been going great since I became a salary man. I just got a raise to nearly sixty dollars a week, and all that extra money has given me an opportunity to finally pay off the Plymouth and maybe get that RCA television all the boys at the gun club have been talking about. I might get promoted up to assistant divisional manager since they found a copy of "Johnny's Got his Gun" in Dickie Sherman's desk - one thing GE doesn't tolerate is reds working for the company, and I've been saying all along that Dickie's a Jew (you know the way those people swing), he only has that name cause he's adopted. Anyways, I like what you're after. I've always seen myself having a good smoke on my pipe while Buzz and Glenn Jr. watch Lucy, the smell of my wife's meatloaf wafting in from the GE gas stove in the kitchen. Every Saturday you'll play bridge with my colleague's wives while I hang around the boys at the gun club, and every Thursday we'll chat a few minutes with Chet the milkman - you'll love him, he's a negro! So, what do you say you let me take you to the Tiki Club one of these nights, or maybe shopping at Woolworth's? You can get anything you like, except shoes - you won't be needing those.

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