Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Can't Make This Stuff Up, People!

Some responses to the previous post, which run the gamut from pathetic, to creepy, to racist, to all sorts of creepy again:

Richard XXXXXXX pers-1010414945

I'm down with you if your Mexican. If your black, ick.

XXXXXXXXXXXXX@comcast.net to pers-1010414945

You sound like you know what you like. Well before I go any farther are you into white guys? I'm white with a prison build and a fair amount of tatoos but you can only see them if I've got my shirt off. I did 6 years in prison but I,ve been out for a year now and I'm doing good I work construction so if nothing else it at least keeps me in shape. Hit me back if your interested and we can go from there. Oh by the way I just turned 26.

XXXXXXXX2001@aol.com to pers-1010414945

So what would you want from a refined older man?
Would you like him to be your sugar daddy...or your cuckold...or a combination of both?

fareed to pers-1010414945

Wow that was a lot of info but at least you kept it real. I’m a SBM with my own car and place and job so I really don’t need to much for a woman but some time and plenty of sex how and when I want it. Oh yeah I aim to please so you will come like crazy! If you reply I will send you some pictures.

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