Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sup Homies, Wanna Chill?

Sup Homies, Wanna Chill? - 25 (Aurora)

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Date: 2009-01-27, 5:29PM MST

Sup’ Y’all? Yo, Angel been locked up like two months now so my cousin she tell me I can find all sorts of good men on the computer here. She met her third and fifth husband here, know what I’m saying, so I thought I’d give it a try since I ain’t had no man in like forever.

Anyways, I’m going to school to be a forensic investigator like on the tv, cause they get paid mad bank and they solve all da crimes, da police they don’t do SHIT. When Angel got busted it wasn’t even cause they did no investigation, but cause they caught his cousin for stealing checks an he snitched to get moved to a nicer part of the jail. I’ve got two beautiful babies, Angel Jr. and Tony (named after Scarface… LOVE that fucking movie). Tony I wanted to name Tupac, but my moms said she wouldn’t help me out with my lectric bill if I named my kid after a rapper. Oh shit, I jus remembered I got a third kid from the last time Angel was locked up and I hooked up with Caeser, though the state came an took her cause someone saw me feeding her dog food I thought was hamburger helper. She live with some white family now.

So I’m looking for a man who know how to treat a lady wit respect. Don’t be taking me to goodtimes for dinner, know what I mean, at least take me somewhere we can sit down like Arby’s. They got those jalapeno poppers there that are the fuckin BOMB. I’m waiting on a couple settlements an go to school so I don’t got no job, so I might need some help out with the bills, cause moms won’t give me no more money since she found out I was sleeping wit my stepfather again, tho dat bitch ain’t been laid in like forever so she don’t know what its like just having to go without. Plus, Angel be writing me from lock-up all “don’t touch none of my stuff, bitch”, and “if I hear about you wit another man I’ll kill you, bitch” and Gary is da only one who ain’t afraid to sleep wit me cause he’s Angel’s boss down at the car wash an Angel already owe him like three grand for all the upholstery he’s damaged n shit.

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