Thursday, January 8, 2009

Editorial: The Absolute Pinnacle of Date Failure

So, you may have noticed from the last posting the especially "eccentric" poster on craigslist I responded to. Well, he responded back, with this:

to me

ROFL! Thanks for the amusement. Here's some more for you:

There comes a time when the art has become greater than the artist - because of this, Cobain shot himself, Van Gogh went mad, and Hemmingway made out with the barrel of a twelve gauge. What we have here, kind readers, is an example of art consuming the artist. From my humble roots as a personal ad terrorist, I have become one with an entity comprised entirely of compassion, strippers, love, strippers, unicorns (really, read his entry on unicorns) and strippers. I am in his thrall, not unlike the pitiful subjects of Thulsa Doom atop his Mountain of Power. God help us all.

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