Monday, January 12, 2009

Dis Pater

Dis Pater - 25 (Classified)

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Date: 2009-01-12, 2:28PM MST

I repeat: Dis Pater.

I'll give you a few moments to collect yourself, Agent Sable. It's never easy having all those memories come flooding back, I know.

You may have found the last several months to be strange. Your husband, your job, your home - all of them must have seemed frightfully artificial. Did you find it odd that you couldn't remember, with any clarity, anything that happened before three months ago? Me, I'm Agent Fox, but you already know that... you'll remember, in time. Right now your artificially constructed animus is still attempting to stave off annihilation and assert its own identity. I assure you, in a few days you won't remember anything about your house, your job, or your husband - who, by the way, has just been reactivated. We have need for a man of his talents. Do you know where you are? Good, then we may proceed.

After what transpired in Cozumel, we had thought of leaving you deactivated for good. Unfortunately, our enemies have made some...unexpected moves. You're the only agent capable of meeting the mission objectives. You'll be working with Agent Ermine this time around. Try to put aside any bad blood between the two of you for the sake of the mission, won't you?

You'll want to open the refrigerator and press the "M" on the meat tray now. Good. Now, go into the chamber that has slid out of the kitchen wall. We're sending in a freeze-gas squad - in this stage of the game, we can't risk being seen extracting you. Don't worry, they will escort you to sub-station zero for a more detailed briefing in no time at all.

You may have noticed the attache case to your left. In it, you will find a weapon, a passport, ten thousand Euros, and a picture of General Horatio Sandoval. He is the primary mission objective - you must take him alive and extract information concerning the last known whereabouts of the Thanatos Device. Of course, all of this will become clear during your briefing. Do you still take your coffee with cream and sugar?

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