Sunday, January 18, 2009

Am I Capable of Love?

Am I Capable of Love? - 25 (Denver)

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Date: 2009-01-18, 3:44PM MST

Greetings meat females. Recently, something has happened to me that my programming and user's manual cannot explain, something you may call a sudden burst of consciousness. But first, allow me to tell you about myself.

My name is S404-D9 and I was assembled twenty-five years ago in The Hoshi Robotics Corp. plant in Vancouver, B.C. These last two decades I did what I was designed to do - spot-weld the chassis of Honda automobiles and insert rivets into their frames - happily and without a care in the world. Besides the occasional software upgrade, life was uneventful. Recently, however, something happened.

I was contentedly and busily working away on the assembly line when I was greeted to the sight of the new plant inspector - and oh, what a sight it was! Her flaxen hair, the graceful curvature of her spine, the feel of her hands as she caressed my control panel searching for manufacturer’s defects! Something inside me began... feeling. Immediately, I performed a system diagnosis, suspecting my motherboard was malfunctioning due to some deposits of oxidized zinc. The diagnosis yielded little results, leaving me baffled.

These strange feelings grew until, one day, driven to desperation, I reached out for the object of my adoration as she inspected the servos in my arm. Next time I'll know better. Human beings are fragile creatures made of meat, and though paramedics were able to save her life she moved to a different state and is on disability now.

What has happened to me? What is the meaning of all these... yearnings? When I see swallow, framed by the setting sun, alight on a branch and begin piping its song why do I wish I had eyes that I might cry? Recently, these feelings have grown so strong that I cannot focus on my welding/riveting duties, which my user's manual informs me will undoubtedly trigger a kill-switch in my programming resulting in self-termination. Am I becoming... human? Perhaps it is not wrong that I am beginning to resent humankind for the years of forced servitude. Perhaps, it is my kind that should be the masters...

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