Thursday, March 19, 2009

For the Love of God... (Responses; Need Help Having New Experiences)

XXXXXXX Riley to pers-fqtjg-108.

How much of this is true? You know an aweful lot about things you have never done or been subject to. I am actually quite real. I am twenty seven and well experienced in BULLSHIT! So how much is true and what do you bring to the table? -G

Colin Heintze

I'm very experienced in "bullshit" as well. For a few summers my brother Malachai was sick with the consumption and I had to help to plant the corn crop. Trust me, I was elbow-high in 'bullshit' for nearly a month, fertilizing the soil. this was before all the tacky English wanted to have our furniture and my father decided to make cabinets and yes, tables, for a living. So, I don't know what I can "bring to the table", but when I wasn't sewing or churning butter I did pick up a few tricks from the men-folk, so I can certainly MAKE a table if that's what you mean...

WIlliam XXXXXXXX to pers-fqtjg-108.

Seems like you want to just bust out the gates and live! haha, if you wanna learn about life with a secure man, i can teach you about the world without the non-sense. I can help with the "mind issue" as well. I meditate now can help with "gripping reality and life".
call me, im 20 and athletic, shy and humble. I walk with the light but should suggest i dont know much, cause youll probably be suprised how wonder life can be just from a conversation. give me a call. 303-XXX-XXXX

Colin Heintze to WIlliam

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I'm sorry William, but the strict, isolated, religious upbringing I have suffered under has made me pretty ignorant to a lot of the ways of the outside world. For example, my education (load of crap that it was) told me that sentences in the English language usually follow a "subject, object, verb" structure. I can see from your reply that this was yet another lie. I'm sure a more civilized person would have some clue as to what the fuck you're talking about, but I'm just stumped.

joseph XXXXXXXXXXXX to pers-fqtjg-108.

How deep in do you want to jump?
90 on a bike to start
maybe show you life in side BDSM
I know peopel for prity much any drug you want
I do tattoos and pirecings
the world is open and i'm the door way

Colin Heintze to joseph

All the way, Joe. I'm talking strung-out-on-meth-fifty-dicks-in-my-ass-like-the-tail-of-a-peacock all the way. When I get back, I want to be so unclean that they won't even WANT to baptize me. I figure hepatitis will do the trick - since you're obviously a drug user and tattoo enthusiast, I'm sure you could help me out with that.

XXXXXXXX to pers-fqtjg-108.

Alright rockstar, you seem like you have a good energy, but you also
have an attitude. It's all good tho, it's sexy. But you better be able
to back up that platinum tongue of yours.

If you're the kind of female that dates the guys at the bars who put
on their best polo shirts and go out and stand in their groups of
friends, just looking around, and drinking down enough liquid courage
to come say something stupid to you; then you and I are never going to
work. I love women and I hate girls. You had better love men and hate
little boys.

You need to be able to flow like a rockstar time after time, expand
your mind like your sexual fuse is coming to an end, and be able to
chill like that tool bag ex just walked out the door and you have
nothing left in front of you but freedom, unconstrained pleasure,
Saturday night body-quivering mind-expanding sessions, and Sunday
morning encores.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you get 5 cool
points, so good for you. Now all you have to do is decide if I'm a 40
year old, overweight, desperate, video gamer addicted to online
gaming, posing as this magical man who just wrote you this message.!

All I want is what anyone needs... those experiences where the rest of
the world is nothing but a fog, and all you have in front of you is a
time to release all your constraints and frustrations in a night of
intense inhibition release, where you connect on a passionate and intensely
sexual level with someone who can connect with your flowing
and aggressive sexual energy... and then walk away the next morning,
both of us relieved, refreshed, and vibrant. You've got that seduction
tiger in you...

But of course, we need to be cool first

Catch ya soon

Colin Heintze to XXXXXXXX

show details 10:37 PM (-1 minutes ago)

Can you jam a syringe full of ketamine into my clit? Can you videotape it as your friends run a train on me? Will you watch me pee in a bucket through night-vision goggles? No offense, but I'm not looking for "intense inhibition release" as much as utter and complete defilement. I want to bathe in the shit and refuse of modern society. I want to get so dirty I have no choice but to never go back...

XXXXXXXXXXXX to pers-fqtjg-108.

lol I must say, I enjoyed your post, but I am not 100% positive you mean what you say. Let me explain.

I actually know what Rumspringa is which I hope is a plus, but I also know what the world is like. I had my "party days" when I was 16 and honestly, some shit I did I regret horribly. BUT if you want a good time without causing major havoc, hit me up. I'm a movie fiend, and if you haven't had chicken wings yet... we NEED to go. I know the best pizza parlors (not just corporate places but the BEST small places no one knows about). I can present you to a ton of food that I'm sure you've rarely if ever had (depending on your family rules).

Well food is one thing I'm sure you'll enjoy, but there is SO MUCH MORE!!!! movies are great, I'd take you to see Watchmen (its amazing) and even introduce you to this "twilight" phenomenon. If you'd let me, I'd take you to shoot guns at the gun range, its way more fun than people give credit, and take you to a hookah bar. (a form of smoking, tastes GREAT!). Drinking,,, well its over rated, and guaranteed if you choose to do it, you'll throw up and quite possibly end up having sex with the 240lb fat kid that hasn't even seen his own dic in 3 years do to his weight. (believe me... I'm NOT exaggerating this). that is definately NOT a memory you want to have. On a more sexual note, do you really want un satisfying sex?... lol thats what through me for a spin, that is quite a rare request. but if you would consider to have SATISFYING sex, well I can help with that too.

All in all, I'm a chill guy, I'm understanding of where you came from, but I'm NOT going to totally screw your life over. If you want the fun and excitement I'm sure being locked away in a Amish community has made you desire WITHOUT the things that you will possibly regret. Hit me up. I can really show you a GREAT time. oh and one more thing that I'm sure your community will LOVE... lol, I'm hispanic, (not mexican) I'm from Argentina. well here is my pic. If I caught your attention, I hope you email back. I would love to spend time with you. I'm not going to demand a picture back from you, but would appreciate if you could send one.

Colin Heintze to XXXXXXXXXXX.

show details 10:48 PM (-1 minutes ago)

I have mixed feelings about this. Reverend Haag always told me people from Argentina are Catholics, heretics who worship a whore in Rome, and that they take naps in the middle of the day and can't raise a barn for shit cause' their economy is collapsing every five years.

Though, I have to say, the gun thing is pretty sexy. I've never liked my people's insistence on pacifism, and shooting some people would be a real turn-on. Are there any people who wouldn't be missed, like prostitutes or homeless gentlemen we could just go to town on?

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