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RE: Tell Me What Your Fantasies Are

Tell me what your fantasies are === - 25 (Denver area)

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Wanna meet for a drink and see what happens? Looking to get myself into some trouble! The good kind ya know! ;-) I can be frisky when I want to be and love to have a good time. I'm 5'11", 130lbs, blondish brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build, hot body. You'll never hear me say .. Not tonight I have a headache! LOL.

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Colin Heintze to pers-yqy3q-106

Well, lately I've had this fantasy that kinda fits in with a series of fantasies I call "The Chronicles of the Witcher". In this last one, I'm walking through Ashley Marsh (only a few miles in the shadow of Mount Chaos from the Hyrda-pits! Eek!) and I come across this friendly salamander man, and he's all wounded I'm all like "hark gentle amphibi-man, what happened thoust?". So he tells me that the mean troll bullies have been making him eat grass in front of the entire village every day after gym class. So I get my witching sword and go to the village, cause' I hate the trolls. All the girls like them cause' they got big muscles and fast steeds but if they really knew what jerks they are, and that they only get such good rides cause their dads own the steed dealership, they'd rather be with guy who will be nice to them. Anyways, I go to the village and beat up all the trolls with the witching sword, and they all say they're sorry and promise to stop making fun of me on Facebook and start picking me during dodge-ball. Then I meet Gorin, king of the kobolds and he gives me the jewel of harking, and I can talk to anyone I want wherever they are. I talk to my mom Queen Valeria and convince her to divorce evil Baron Severnus, and Severnus goes back to Florida to run his stupid propane business that nobody shops at. Then I use the jewel to find my dad, who I don't see really often because Valeria says he's a pilot. Him and Queen Valeria get married again and I move into their castle. A week later, Lady Ashley Klein who sits across from me in alchemy class asks me to marry her and I do and I touch her boob a little bit. She looks at the all the sketches I made of her in class and thinks they're really cool, and we kiss and stuff and all the trolls are really jealous and wish they were nicer to me.

Oh yeah, then I plunge her face into the toilet and brutally sodomize her while she's all like "Ooooh, you're so big, you're so big."

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