Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fit Men to Join Me on My Island?

Fit Men to Join Me on my Island? - 35 (Denver)
Reply to: pers-952043328@craigslist.org [?]Date: 2008-12-09, 8:48PM MST

Good day to you all, gentlemen. I am a man seeking a man or men who wish to join me on my private island for the weekend. Any men who are chosen for this little excursion will be handsomely compensated for their troubles. Amongst my many passions - finance, travel, and the stock-market, to name a few - the greatest, the one that consumes my every waking thought and nocturnal fancy, is hunting. I have been on safari in Africa. I have hunted the rare and majestic snow leopard in the thin, howling air of the Himalayas. My dining hall and great trophy room (with which you will soon become very acquainted with) is decorated with the spoils of these expeditions; rearing up, snarling, forever locked in their final poses from the moment they came charging from the bush into the sights of my Remington. Sadly, there are few creatures left on this earth which I have not triumphed over, even as over the years I sought to handicap my advantage by using bows, then slings, then only simple throwing-spears. I now seek deadlier game to prove my final and ultimate worth as man's greatest hunter. Any men who respond to this ad should be fit and possess a high degree of physical endurance. Men with knowledge of basic wilderness survival and former military experience will be the first considered, though a certain level of grit and determination may be substituted for prior experience. Any men who respond to this should also have excellent skin and hair free of excessive blemishes. I hope to hear from you soon.

Location: Denver
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