Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seekins Ze Girl Vith No Morality

Seekins Ze Girl Vith No Morality - 25 (Denver, Berlin)

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Date: 2008-12-30, 3:19PM MST

Gutten tag! Mine name est Otto von Metzbalger and I am ze president of ze Berlin Society for Rational Egoism. Ve are seeking ze women to accompany us next year to our latest excursion into madness and solipsistic debauchery.
Around zis time next year ve shall be making ze trek through ze Jungle of Sous America, following along ze stygian tangles of ze Rio Orinoco. Did you know zat fifty percent of ze world's species live in zat hellish green inferno? Zat is the purpose of our mission: if ze jungle is ze womb of ze vorld, ve vish to defile zat womb in a symbolic rape of ze great chaos, muzzer nature. Zat ve should impose our vill upon ze vun ting greater zan man and his petty verks, vhile simultaneously devolving into creatures unhibited by ze hypocritical protocols of society ez our ultimate goal.
Ve are looking for a girl or girls who vill not be encumbered by ze slave moralities of civilized existence. Ze type of girl who, ven ve have succumbed to madness and paranoia and are putting our comrades to deass in rigged kangaroo trials, trusts out an accussing finger to ze chants of "guily! gulity! guilty!" Ze type of girl who vill laugh as ve ravish ze villages of indians as ez ze right of ze strong to do unto ze veek. A girl who, as our numbers dwindle from starvation and dizeaz, vill vear ze head of ze tapir she hast slaughtered, loose all pretenses of humanity, and hunt her former comrades like ze common beasts. Are you zis girl? If so, zen I am vanting to drink your pee in parody of slave-society's pitiful delusion called love.

Location: Denver, Berlin
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