Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reply - Fit Men to Join Me on My Island

On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 9:13 PM, allen XXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com" wrote:

Hey bud, That's exactly what I am looking for, just divorced and lookin for a change in my life, 34 5'11' 170 athlete extra fit, thin & built, I kayak, rock climb and ski alot! I coached for years and look the type. Naturally smooth with alot on top.I live in Congress Park and yes this sounds like a blast/Yeah my 7' cock likes sex alot!HaText me, I normally I do not do this but I do have a crazy sex life to say the least! XXX-XXX-XXXX Alllen yes 620

Colin Heintze to allen:

Capital, capital! You sound quite fit and your hair, per your description, of an excellent quality for a new cardigan. Furthermore I am delighted to know that we share some common interests. I myself have coached for years, having bred the finest fighting birds in this hemisphere. My cocks are quite a bit longer than 7' - there was a time, in my folly, that I made sport of miniature cocks as you do now, and have learned, as you undoubtedly will, that they simply cannot be coached. As for my cock enjoying the act of sex, this I do not allow: it keeps him distracted from the fighting and drains the vital energies best left intact for tearing apart another bird while within a cheering ring of drunken billionaires. But, that is only my coaching decision - your techniques might be different. I would enjoy talking about this more on my private retreat, though you may want to save your strength - shortly after dinner, you'll be making use of that running, rock-climbing and skiing experience. You'll need it. All of it.

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