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Universal Man - 48 (Boulder)
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Date: 2008-12-11, 10:03PM MST

Humane, human, humorous, hu man wanted for fun life relationship. Need an original, free thinker, selfmade, adventurous, universal, psi, deep, communicator, kind, kindred, kin. Green, sustainable, regenerous, breathing, Schauberger, Tesla, astronomy-cosmology, meaningful, "friend", visionary, founder of the future civilization (beyond entropic capitalism), new tech and eco-projects/reforest/remineralization, solar cycles, rational-spiritual-scientifical, business-romantic partner, transformation, reconstructive technologies and eco-regeneration, ORMUS, ecoarchitecture, art, visioneering, healing, sailing…

RE: Universal Man
Colin Heintze to pers-954754531

Hey, whus up? Saw your post an thought I'd give yous a shout since I don't have no one in this fuggin cow town.
I'm Mike an I'm originally from Queens (Yankees rule! Fuck the Sox!) an from what I could understand of yous post I got all dem qualities you want. Environmental n shit? Sometimes I take a dump an jus leave it der for like tree days witout flushing, sometimes do more on top of dat one till da smell get up in the vents an da cunt landlady starts bustin my balls over it. I got no car either, so I ain't polluting no air - couple months back some fuggin Ricans keyed my ride, so I took it to my cousin Pauly's body shop. Tree days later he knocks on my door an hans me dis bill for like two large. I say, "What da fugg is dis, Pauly? Yous charging me now! I taut we was fuggin family!" So that fuggin prick repoes my ride an tells me he ain't letting it off da lot till I pay him. Das funny cause everyone in da family know Pauly's a queer an he probably jus wants me to touch his sack or some shit. Adventurous? shit, once my pal Frankie dared me ta lay down on da tracks wit da metro comin. Everything's goin good when some fuggin wino sees me an thinks i need rescuing so he jumps on da tracks an tries to pull me outta da way of da train, gettin his fuggin hans an everything allover me. So i's kick him in his junk an he falls on da track an I gotta be da one touchin on him an draggin him outta day way an shit. It was fuggin disgustin, but if ya ask me I ain't no hero jus a normal guy, know what I mean? Founder of da future civilization? Shit, once da fuggin gas company cut off my heat. Dis was in like December. I was outside on da stoop havin a smoke when I saw someone tru away all dis styrofoam in da alleyway. So I take dat up to my apartment an burn dat shit in deez little coffee pots I put truout da house. Worked like a fuggin charm, though I can't breath very good no more on cold days or if I walk too much atta time. Dat's some fuggin McGuyver shit is what dat is, jus the kind of guy you want around after da chinks nuke us. So dat's me. You got any pictures? You got big titties?

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