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RE: Can I Be Your Better Half?

RE: Can I Be Your Better Half??? - 26 (Denver)

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Date: 2008-11-19, 7:43PM MST

I really hate talking about myself it sucks! I am not concieded so that makes it hard! I am on here looking for my knight and shining armor, the guy who is going to treat me the way I shouuld be treated and not lie cheat and steal from me believe me it happens!! Are you the guy who likes to do things for his girl and likes the things that she does for you? then you are the kinda guy that I am looking for! I dont go to bars they are a waste of my time and I really dont go to clubs either they are just as bad as a bar! if you live your life by drinking or doing drugs then just move on cause im not going to deal with that anymore its happened before and I dont like it. If you wanna talk shoot me a message! oh yeah and one other thing I LOVE A MAN IN UNIFORM!!!! Ok so I found the perfect thing to explain to you guys what I am looking for here goes......
Tell her shes your only one
When she is upset hold her tight
Play with her hair, pick her up, Tickle her and wrestle with her
Just Talk to her
Bring her flowers just because
Hold her hand and run
Just hold her hand
Let her fall asleep in your arms
Just sing to her no matter how awful you sound
Get her mad at you then kiss her
tell her she is beaufiful
when she is sad make her laugh
look into her eyes and smile
come up behind her and put your hands around her and kiss her for no reason
kiss her in the rain
stand up for her
never take her for granted
Be true to her
Tell her you love her and mean it
and Never let her go.....

First DateAsk and I will tell.
A guy who calls me beautiful instead of hot
Who calls me back when I hang up on him
Who will lay under the stars with me and listen to our hearts beat
Will stay awake just to watch me sleep
Kisses my forehead
Has a picutre of me in my wallett
cant wait to show me off he world even when I am in sweatpants
holds my hand infront of all his friends
And the one who turns to his friends with the biggest smile and a sparkle in his eyes and says THAT'S HER!!!

I've Finally Found You

Colin Heintze

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Hi peaches (remember when I used to call you that?), this is your father. Thank God I stumbled across your post right now. I've sobered up and found the lord and have been wanting (tenth step!) to apologize for the kind of father I was.
I was so busy back then, what with the hours I was putting in atthe office. I'm so sorry I missed so many of your dance recitals and soccer games. Your mother told me how, that one time you were in the Nutcracker, I was supposed to come but got held up filing expense reports. She told me about how when you saw that empty seat in the audience you clammed up and they had to stop the entire show to lead you sobbing off the stage. I guess I was never really ready for a family, you know? When your mom insisted on keeping you I did everything in my power short of walking out to dissuade her. I guess, in the long run, maybe I should have just left. After all, she was sleeping with everyone down at the co-op, and year after year my nightly glass of scotch was turning into two, then three, then... well, you know what happened.
Most of all, I'm sorry about never being around after your mom and I split up. In hindsight, I guess it was pretty selfish of me to never attempt to get visitation rights, or to fly off to Thailand with my new girlfriend who was only a few years older than you. I could of at least sent a card or something, at least on your birthdays, but I lost the receipt slip that I wrote it down on the back of. I could have once told you that I loved you, instead of mumbling something vague and unintelligible in response to you wrapping yourself around my leg and refusing to let go every
time I was leaving for a business trip. I just hope that my lack of affection didn't turn you into someone who desperately requires validation from men in order to feel good about herself. I'll talk to you later... we have so much to talk about. What are you you now, 18, 20 years old? Old enough to cosign on a loan with your good old dad, right?

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