Friday, November 7, 2008

Time is Short, I Need Your Genes! - 98 (New Denver Hive)
Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-10-23, 1:28PM MDT

There isn't much time, I must find you. Already the chronos-tides are
pulling at my every molecule, trying to correct the horrible paradox I
represent merely by being here. All I have of you is a grainy image
from the archaic techno-digital format known as "jpeg", and the initials "J.M". You are more important than you can ever know.
We knew the AI's were up to something. We knew they no longer needed
us . We never could have dreamed that they would introduce the M19
virus. Somewhere in the archives our sages found you carry the gene
that will give immunity
to your descendants and, if I am successful, all of humanity.

Incoming transmission from hegemony council: Anomalies in
chronos-tides detected. AI's may be attempting insertion of enemy

If you are out there, you must come forward. I only have 22:18:03 left
in this epoch before reintegration!

Incoming transmission from hegemony council: AI Agents detected in
vicinity of Old New Denver, 900 BA epoch. Agents likely posing as law
enforcement officials. Terminate with extreme prejudice any persons
displaying suspicious behavior.

They are coming! They are coming! Contact me soon. You

Incoming transmission from hegemony council: Mission compromised.
Proceed to time-station and sub-mission, assassination of Adolph



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