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Converted Homosexual Looking For Understanding Woman - 25 (Denver)
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Date: 2008-10-31, 11:23AM MDT

Hi there. I'm a formerly homosexual male who, thanks to the New Life Ministry, made the choice to live a wholesome and upstanding life in the image of God and renounce my sinful ways. Since there obviously isn't much dating potential amongst my former "friends" (mostly disgusting homos and dykes), I thought I'd try CL to see if there are any women with strong values out there.
My life as a homosexual was appalling. I had a revolving ring of boyfriends with whom I'd perform unnatural acts. I took drugs, partied all night, and had long, what I thought were satisfying, conversations about music, love, life and pop culture with my so-called "friends".
While I felt supported and accepted by these "friends", I know now that they had ensnared me when I was an impressionable teenager in their web of decadence and sin - all part of the homosexual agenda. I was so brainwashed that when an unmarked van carrying two former
private security consultants hired by my parents pulled up in front of me, blindfolded me, and drove me to the New Life Ministry, I resisted. Thankfully, three weeks of sleep-deprivation and "vitamin shots" convinced me to cast off Satan, and to forever forgo the firm, high, salty buttocks of a beautiful young fireman in favor for a woman's lady parts. To test my commitment, they even put me in a room with a deprogrammed lesbian and had us experience wholesome heterosexual sex. Our conversion made us so happy, we sobbed uncontrollably for three
I am looking for a special kind of woman who would one day want to have a normal family, normal house, and normal life that's completely normal. I like women who are around six feet tall, broad shoulders, large hands, and deep voices. Beyond that, I'm not very concerned about looks. You can even have lots and lots of body hair and that wouldn't turn me off. Anyways, if you're out there, get back to me. Good luck, and God Bless you, bless our Lord Jesus Christ, and bless those poor ignorant sodomites who don't know how miserable they really are.

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