Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wanted: Giant Agnostic Jew

RE: Wanted: Giant Agnostic Jew - 24 (Denver)
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Date: 2008-11-18, 9:43AM MST

Social butterfly seeks tall cultural Jew 24-32 years of age in the Denver metro area. Must hold bachelor's degree and be currently employed or in school. Preference will be given to candidates with higher education in business, law, or medicine. Must enjoy football and occasionally yell at television screen. Applicants with long hair or piercings will be excluded. Must not normally browse or respond to Craig's List personals. Preference will be given to candidates from "nice families." Applicants will be screened by friend and writer of ad and may be invited to coffee date with easy exit strategy.

Colin Heintze to pers-924075968

Nice try, but my grandfather already fell for this in 1930's Bavaria. There' s a cattle car waiting for me if I respond to this, isn't there?
P.S. - who would have thought a Jewess would be trolling for a doctor/lawyer type? Way to shatter stereotypes there, kiddo. I think I'm better off sticking to shixsas.

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